Sciences of Spirituality

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You might be thinking why I used extra alphabet “s” as suffix in word “Sciences”. The only reason is that I could not find any abbreviation of whole sentence. To make more impact I put suffix. However there is no need of any suffix or prefix in Hinduism, as there already it is defined by many saints. The word is known as “ROOHANIAT“, i.e. the knowledge of “ROOH“, knowing ones self own originality of existence. Spirituality means “ADHYATMIKTAA“.

In Hindi, Science means “VIGYAAN“. If we put the word into two parts “VI” means “VIKALP” or alternative and “GYAAN” means knowledge.

Combined together it is quit clear that science is “VIKALPIK GYAAN” or “Alternative knowledge”. So, as we are going to be more materialistic we are going more addict of alternative knowledge or science rather then “ROOHANIAT” which is the true knowledge of spirit.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is that related to spirit. Spirituality is the process of being spiritual.  This is how a person talks, listens and works together with the Creator or Higher Power or God.

Spirituality is, in the most basic sense, matters related to the spirit and is based on the idea that there exists something, be it a state of mind, a being, or a place, that is outside the experience of our five limited senses. Spirituality is the personal relationship of the individual to this state of mind, being or place and often emphasizes the notion of a path, that spirituality is a goal in achieving understanding, or an improved relationship with the sacred.

Why believe in Spirit or God. Who has seen the spirit and god?

Do we not believe in Atomic orbital (for science students). But has anybody seen them. These all are theories those are from 100-200 year ago. But we do not believe on things those are part of research from many years ago. Does 100-200 year research has overlapped the research which our saints has been doing from the many ages.

It is easier to say that god and spirit doesn’t exist but it is very difficult to find clues for that. Research always takes times and this only research that every individuals have to make individually. It is not like materialistic research that if one accomplished a research other may take advantage of that. Hence, Spirituality is research that individual have to do at their own practice and effort.

In real world we can do practices In laboratories for various materialistic problems. What about the spirit. How to practice for this?

Only meditation is the way to make true practice. You should not think about what is linking between non-materialistic and materialistic world. Because these are the things that cannot be understand in this materialistic world.

Why something related to spirituality can not be felt (for normal individual) in this materialistic world?

Think about cartoon character that is living in two dimensional world only. His livelihood is only limited to this world. Does he is capable of thinking three dimension world or more. This would be very difficult for him. But we know, there exist more one dimension then in which cartoon character live. Now go more precise and think about only one dimensional world for same case. Some may argue that there are no possibilities of organism in lower dimension. But this is merely an example. This doesn’t put you in a new research of organism for lower dimension or higher dimension then the dimension we are living. But as true, we cannot ignore one or two or three dimensions irrespective of living organism. May there be no organism in those dimensions but if possible then to be called something different. This is only boundary of thinking to our mind. This boundary is due to fact that our brain is also limited to three dimension.

How spirituality is it different than religion?

We all have some sort of vision in mind when we talk about spirituality, but try to define it exactly, and several challenges arise. First, is spirituality a part of religion or distinct from it? Is it possible to be spiritual without being religious? Conversely, is it possible to be religious without being spiritual?

Spirituality can be either a part of a particular religion or independent of religion, in a self directed and personal inner path. As part of a larger religious journey, spirituality is usually descript and predictable, relating to one’s personal relationship to god or the divine goal. For a Christian, for example, spirituality involves developing a personal relationship and experience with Jesus Christ, likely through prayer, meditation or through selected activities (such as reading the Bible) in opposition to material gains and experiences. For the unaffiliated seeker, spirituality may be adapted and modeled after the sacred practices of a number of different religions or none at all. In either case spiritual matters are contrasted to the world of the senses and the needs of the human corporeal body and often involve an effort to reject, limit or transcend these senses and needs.

Wherever you are in your personal journey, both religion and spirituality can play an important role in moving towards your own resolution of humanity’s shared existential problems.

What we need to do doing meditation?
One important thing while meditation is too keep your self concentrate on a point at tenth door of your fore-head (between eyes and little below your forehead) but not forcibly by continuously reciting words given by some true GURU (you need to find him your self) of present age. Your soul will began to shrink to this point with regular practice. This is way you will continue and you are able to see the God. Your aim should be the God not his blessing. you should love God not his blessing. Also you have to avoid- Liquor (Wine, Bear, and Drugs etc), Meat (animal flesh, fish etc), and eggs and avoid seeing all human with wrong intention. You need to love every one with good intention. This is the way you will continue and you are able to see the god. Also you have to serve around which is really in need. You should be polite to every one and never to be ego that you worship God and help its creature. In fact, there are many things you need to consider. The way to God is not easy but once to start walking on it, your life wills a lot of pleasure, calm contempt and all you can’t imagine. These are things that no one even millionaire may get doing any materialistic thing in this world. It doesn’t mean that millionaire can’t see the God. All depends upon you life style. You may live with you family doing you job or business and earning money (in good way) to lively hood of you family. All you need to do is to be simple and social and helping your around with good intention without any self motive. All this things are written in religious books of all religion around the world. I m telling only common things of all religion. In fact religion is not worship, in way we start worshiping the god become religion. But God can not be cut into different religion. Religion is nothing to god. Only important for god is your clear open mind and confession. The confession is way to reach the god. However you need not to show any penitence. The confession should be in the heart not out of heart because god lives in Heart that is in this body. You need not to go anywhere if you are not able to see the god from your own inside.

Source by Dinesh gill

Natural Medicine For Joint Pain And Arthritis

Sometimes the body’s immune system falls and the body is exposed to the attack of different diseases. When one keeps falling a prey to diseases regularly the immunity of the body falls to an all time low and certain autoimmune disorders start developing inside the body. One may also be born with these autoimmune maladies and have to live their life through tolerating the symptoms of the malady. There is no cause and no reason for these autoimmune diseases and one of these illnesses is Rheumatoid arthritis or severe pain in the joints. There is no specific age to decide when the pain sets in.

Different parts of the body gain flexibility and ease of movement because of the joints. Do you feel your joints creak and your back double up in agony when you perform your household chores? When the lubrication in the joints reduces, it leads to painful and stiff joints. The joints become inflamed and swollen and even small movements leave a person in agony. People who are suffering from joint pain or rheumatoid arthritis may not even be able to walk to the bathroom or perform mundane tasks because movement aggravates the pain in the joints.

People sometimes develop fever frequently because of the painful state and the body feels very cold and chilly. The back muscles are left very stiff and painful and lying down in bed can actually be discomfiting. Conventional treatments can reduce the pain for a while and they provide only symptomatic relief. It’s better to resort to natural therapies as they are more promising in dealing effectively with this autoimmune disorder. A blood test can be carried out to assess if a person has arthritis and the test is commonly called as an investigation for “RA factor” or rheumatoid arthritis factor. Proper diagnosis is extremely important to decide corrective modes of treatment.

Besides natural medicines that have been obtained from “side effect” free medicinal herbs in nature it’s a must to pay attention to a nutritional diet. There are certain foods that should not be consumed by people who are suffering from joint pain. The natural medications help keep the inflammation and redness of the joints under control and also diminish painful episodes. You can try Baba Ramdev’s package for Arthritis/Joint/Knee conditions and get relief from painful joints with these herbal medicines which are very high on nutritional content.

Natural medicine for joint pain and arthritis consist of Divya Peedantak Kvath that is an amazing combination of herbs for providing relief from joint pains. The package also has Divya Swarnmaksika Bhasma is very effective in keeping the stiffness and pain in the joints controlled. The herbal blend has high nutritive quality and it can control swelling in the joints. Divya Praval Pishti is also a much prescribed medication in joint pains and it helps keep the agitated joint conditions under control.

Divya Chandraprabha vati provides sustenance to the joints and keeps the pain and swelling low. The body’s immune system is activated back into “performance mode”. Divya Yograj guggulu also provides respite from painful conditions. This medicine can also be used in thyroid conditions. The medicine has to be taken daily for adequate effect on the joints. Divya Mahavat Vidhwamnsan Rasa is prescribed for fever in joint conditions.

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Yoga Kinect

Yoga Kinect

There are 2 games that have Yoga with the Xbox kinect included in them.

The first yoga kinect game is “Your Shape and Fitness Evolved”, this includes several yoga and Thai Chi classes. You get to choose a personal trainer to help you meet your specific fitness goals, take a Yoga or Martial Arts class, or play fun, family-friendly mini-games. As you exercise, you’ll receive specific feedback on your every move, thanks to the game’s real-time precise tracking system.

The Zen (Yoga) class seems to be the most popular amongst my friends with the game. The classes are very similar to the personal trainer experience but slightly less personalized to you. I’m a big fan of yoga and there yoga Thai chi section rocks for me because its simple, it works you out without you feeling like your working out.

The Zen (Yoga) class seems to be the most popular amongst my friends with the game. The classes are very similar to the personal trainer experience but slightly less personalized to you.

The gym games are the only part of this “game” that is very game like. I actually put in this game during parties to impress people with how accurately it tracks them.

Plus, you’ll interact with captivating visual effects that respond to your movement and impact. You’ll have so much fun that you won’t notice how hard you’re working until you see the results.

The second yoga kinect game is the next version of this game, “Your Shape and Fitness Evolved 2012”, this has 4 specific yoga classes included. There are also many other great fitness activities for everyone.

You can design a workout tailored to you based on your fitness level, goals, schedule and preference.

Yoga Styles


  • Ashtanga is an intensive, vigorous style of hatha yoga. It involves six specific poses that must be executed in sequence. The goal is to create a physically demanding flow of movement that heats the body.


  • Vinyasa, which literally means “wind,” also involves flowing movements. Unlike the ashtanga teachers, vinyasa instructors mix up poses and create sequences that are fitting for the individuals in the class. A vinyasa yoga practice consists of many sun salutations and focuses on linking bodily movement with the flow of the breath.


  • Bikram yoga is often referred to as “hot yoga,” or “yoga boot camp.” This style of yoga, which consists of 26 different poses, is commonly practiced in a room heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Introduced by Bikram Choudhury, this practice is highly intensive and aims to detoxify the body. Bikram yoga was derived from the ashtanga practice, but does not follow a specific sequence.


  • Iyengar is a slow yoga practice. Inyenger students focus closely on good, strong posture. The breath is not as central to iyengar yoga as it is to other styles. Instead, the emphasis is on the pose and stretch. Props are routinely used to allow students to delve deeper into the pose and stay there for extended periods of time.


  • Kundalini yoga practitioners hope to release the energy stored at the base of the spine. Kundalini practices involve fast, repetitive movements and rapid “breath of fire” chanting.

There is one more kinect game that may interest you if you are looking for a Xbox yoga game, so check out more information and videos of yoga for kinect.

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A New Trend in Spirituality?

In many of the world’s traditions, over the centuries, spiritual life has been defined as separate from religious or spiritual life. At times, people have been forced to choose between their so-called spiritual life and their life in the everyday world. To be a monk, people have given away all their possessions, renounced their families, waited years for initiation, and retired to a remote location for the sake of performing spiritual practice. At other times and places, people relegate their spiritual acts and feelings to a certain day of the week, or perhaps a few days of the year.

Behind this approach to spirituality is the assumption that life in the everyday world precludes finding peace within the inner world. Only by forsaking the everyday world can we expect to attain something of spiritual value. The belief is that the everyday world is inherently bad, and only the inner world holds goodness. Nevertheless, only a fraction of all people seek the inner world. Everyone else is satisfied to live an entire lifetime in the everyday world.

Not any more! I believe the world is ready for a new trend in spirituality. It is possible to find true joy and be in touch with the greater reality of life, while also living in the everyday world. I think of this as being a “suited monk”-that is, someone who wears a business suit and holds a regular job, while simultaneously focusing on the inner world. The job doesn’t have to be in business; it can be in education or art or building maintenance or anything else. The point is that we do not view the inner and outer worlds as separate.

Overcoming the sense of separation is one of the most important things that has to happen if we want to feel whole and lead a spiritual life. We’ve been conditioned from birth by society to think in terms of differences, and so we grow up feeling deeply disconnected from others and from ourselves. This leads to much alienation and suffering. To free ourselves, we need to be willing to let go of our sense of separation and embrace a sense of oneness.

Think of walking a labyrinth. Each of us starts at a different entrance. But when we reach its core, we all have the same experience. Similarly, on the spiritual journey, we aim to reach the same inner self, which is at the core of our being and is the experience of oneness. It is the same for all of us. You could say it is our birthright. To discover this is true spirituality, and it does not depend at all on the outer circumstances of life.

Source by RafAdams

Natural Medicine to Improve the Health of your heart

If you are thinking of improving the health of your heart, through natural medicine, check with your doctor first. Some types of herbs and plants could endanger your cardiovascular health.

But do not start using herbal supplements on your own without prior suggestion from your cardiologist, to evaluate which herbs and alternative medicine have a greater benefit to improve your cardiovascular health.

Natural Medicine For Your Heart Health- Prevention is the principal thing:

Conventional medical specialists and alternative medicine specialists agree that the choice of your lifestyle can dramatically influence your heart health, exercise is cheap, and do better much better than some drugs. Doctor says “a diet that is low in saturated fat and high in fiber and omega 3 fatty acids may protect against cardiovascular disease.”
Omega  3 fatty acids are one of a biochemical substances more efficiently in decreasing cardiovascular disease in type, omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, a risk factor in cardiovascular disease, also increases high density lipoprotein (HDL) known as “good cholesterol”, and also as a blood thinner that helps lower blood pressure.

To deliver these omega 3 fatty acids your body, it is recommended to eat fish at least 2 times a week or consume natural fish oil. People with problems in heart should consult their cardiologist before taking herbal supplements.
Reducing stress is a main measures to control blood pressure and help prevent cardiovascular health problems.

The use of herbs is a time-honored approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. But herbs contain active substances that can cause side effects and interact with other herbs, supplements or medicines. For these reasons, herbs should be taken with care, under the supervision of a professional with expertise in the field of botanical medicine. Possible side effects of ginseng have a reasonably good safety record. The most common side effects are nervousness and excitement that usually decreases after the first day. The ability to concentrate may be impaired, and blood sugar may decrease to abnormally low levels. Consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplement.

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Yoga And The Medical Science

Modern medical science and Yoga are rational, scientific and universal in outlook and hence are natural allies. Their combination has the potential to provide us with a holistic health science that will be a boon for the psychosomatic health of our masses. Yoga involves a holistic approach to healing and  integrates healing with the culture, diet, environment, and tradition.

Modern allopathic medicine that originated from Greco-Roman Medicine and Northern European traditions is built on the science of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry and the structure-function relationship between cells, tissues, and organs. Allopathic medicine focuses on diagnosis, treatment, and cure for acute illnesses via potent pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, radiation, stem cell and other treatment modalities.

Modern medical advancements provide the rationale for the integration of various traditional healing techniques including Yoga to promote healing, health, and longevity. It is imperative that advances in medicine include the holistic approach of Yoga to face the current challenges in health care. The antiquity of Yoga must be united with the innovations of modern medicine to improve quality of life throughout the world.

Modern medicine has the ultimate aim and goal of producing a state of optimum physical and mental health thus ultimately leadings to the optimum well being of the individual. Yoga also aims at the attainment of mental and physical well being though the methodology differs. While modern medicine has a lot to offer mankind in its treatment and management of acute illness, accidents and communicable diseases, Yoga has  lot to offer in terms of preventive, promotive and rehabilitative methods in addition to many management methods to tackle emerging challenges like Obesity, Diabetes, Heart, Joint and Psychosomatic Disorders etc to modern medical science.


The study of anatomy and physiology is a great meeting point for modern medicine and Yoga. Yoga therapists and practitioners can benefit from the intricate and detailed ‘break-down study’ of modern medicine where the body is broken down into many systems, then into many organs, many tissues and finally into billions of cells including the emerging concept of stem cells. On the other hand the Yogic ” holistic” view of the Pancha Kosha (the five sheathed existence) can help modern doctors realize that we are not just, ‘one-body’ organisms but have four more bodies that are equally if not more important. We are a manifestation of the Divine and have, not only the physical body but also an energy body, a mental body, a body of wisdom and a body of eternal bliss. An understanding of the psychic anatomy and physiology of Nadis, Chakras and Bindus when coupled with the practical understanding of the details of the physical body can inspire real knowledge of the self in all health care personnel. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has tried to correlate 37 areas of human physiology with 37 areas of intelligence or consciousness as available in Vedic literature. Some of the examples are the correlation between Nyaya and the Thalamus as well as Samkya and the types of neuronal activity.

In his excellent book, “The Shambala Guide to Yoga”, Dr. George Feuerstein says, “Long before physicists discovered that matter is energy vibrating at a certain rate, the Yogis of India had treated this body-mind as a playful manifestation of the ultimate power (Shakti), the dynamic aspect of Reality. They realized that to discover the true Self, one had to harness attention because the energy of the body-mind follows ‘attention’. A crude example of this process is the measurable increase of blood flow to our fingers and toes that occurs when we concentrate on them. Yogis are very careful about where they place their attention, for the mind creates patterns of energy, causing habits of thought and behavior that can be detrimental to the pursuit of genuine happiness”. Professor Dr SV Rao, an eminent medical doctor and Yoga Scientist says, “Yoga is a science because it is verifiable. Yoga as a science of living is also an art. Yoga, therefore, may be defined as the science and art of optimum living”


As per the concept of great Maharishi Patanjali, Yogic lifestyle that includes the Yama and Niyama can help prevent a great many of the modern diseases like Hepatitis B and AIDS. Cleanliness that is taught through Soucha can help prevent and limit the spread of contagious and infectious diseases. Mental peace and right approach to Yoga such as Samatvam (equanimity of mind) and Vairagya (dispassionate detachment) can help prevent many of the psychosomatic ailments running wild in the modern world. If these Yogic values as well as practices such as Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas and Dhyana are inculcated in the modern human race, we can prevent virtually all diseases that abound today.   However the ‘will’ to do so is also of paramount importance as there is no money or fame in prevention and we don’t know what we have prevented because we have prevented it from happening!

To quote the eminent neurosurgeon  Dr B Ramamurthi, “The widespread revival of the Science of Yoga by modern Yogic teachers and Gurus, bodes good for mankind. The only way to keep fit & healthy is through the Science of Yoga, which transcends all religions and cults. It is a science of the mind and the body and needs to be practiced by all human beings to ensure their own future”.


The practice of Yoga leads to the efficient functioning of the body with homeostasis through improved functioning of the psycho-immuno-neuro-endocrine system. A balanced equilibrium between the sympathetic and parasympathetic wings of the autonomic nervous system leads to a dynamic state of health. Yoga not only benefits the nervous system but also the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, muscular, endocrine and immune system.

Hath Yoga introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a sage of 15th century India, in his book  Hatha Yoga Pradipika, is the most practiced form of body discipline. In the last forty to fifty years, Hath Yoga has also been accepted as  ” Therapeutic Modality” all over the world , supported by many scientific studies Various types of yogic ‘ Kriyas’ or techniques, may be Asans, pranayama, mudras, bandhas and Meditation etc have been administered to demonstrate their effect on health and diseases in a scientific manner.


Yoga has a lot to offer in terms of psychosomatic disorders and in stress related disorders such as diabetes, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, epilepsy, hypertension, back pain and other functional disorders. Yoga can help reduce and in some cases eliminate drug dosage and dependence in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, hypertension, epilepsy, anxiety, bronchial asthma, constipation, dyspepsia, insomnia, arthritis, sinusitis and dermatological disorders.

Asanas are probably the best tool to disrupt any learned patterns of wrong muscular efforts. Pranayama and Pratyahara are extremely efficient techniques to divert the individual’s attention from the objects of the outer environment, to increase a person’s energy potential and ‘interiorize’ them, to achieve control of one’s inner functioning.

We must remember Plato’s words when he said, “The treatment of the part shouldn’t be attempted without a treatment of the entirety,” meaning that the treatment of the body without treating the mind and soul would be waste of time. Efficient medical scientist does the same. A smiling, caring physician with sweet voice and gentle touch is more of a Yogic therapist.

Yoga can help those recovering from accidents and physical traumas to get back on their feet faster and with better functional ability.


Lajpat Rai, an eminent Physiologist has conducted extensive study on Chakras and Kundalini Jagran. According to Kundalini Yoga, the potential energy located in the Chakras can be converted into kinetic form either spontaneously or by meditational practices. This phenomenon of conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy has been termed as “Awakening of Kundalini” which leads to self actualization. Kundalini Chakras are claimed to be vortices of energy spinning in circles like transformers. They are said to govern and regulate the flow and dispersion of power (etheric or pranic energy of yoga) in an electrical human infrastructure comprised of an extraordinary circuitry of 72 thousand subtle channels (sukshama prana nadis). Quantitatively, the five chakras on the spine are further claimed to be endowed with the qualities and attributes possessed and manifested by five cosmic elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether respectively. Intensive meditation on the chakras sites at spine and cranium by way of visualization of a given chakra symbolically in terms of a number of petals of a lotus, its colour, sound and other ingredients surcharges the body-mind-consciousness complex at all the five levels.

Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra


Thinking and engaging in activity can physically alter the brain, a concept called, “neuroplasticity”. Repeated thoughts and activities can turn our genes on or off.

Modern scientists have observed that when you think repeatedly, concentrate or meditate, you turn on genes to make proteins that change the structure of the neurons and increase the number of  connections between brain cells. In essence, neurons become better communicators.

University of Wisconsin neuroscientist Richard Davidson demostrated the effect of meditation on the brain. He measured the brain activity of the novices and highly practiced Budhist monks, and found that , unlike the novices, when the monks meditated on “unconditional loving-kindness and compassion,” they generated powerful gama rays- the type involved in higher brain processes like perception and consciousness. Thus, the repeated mental activity of meditation altered brain functioning.


Yoga teaches us that the cause of most disease is through under (Ajjeranatvam), over (Atijeeranatvam) or wrong (Kujeeranatvam) digestion. Yoga also teaches us about the approach to food, the types of food as well as the importance of timings and moderation in diet. A combination of the modern aspects of diet with a dose of Yogic thought can help us eat not only the right things but also in the right way and at the right time thus assuring good health and longevity. Eminent Physiologist Prof Lajpat Rai in his vast scientific studies has given great importance to Yogic Dietary Regimen and has observed the effect of Fasting Therapy to buildup the internal milieu by restoring the homeostatic mechanisms.


Relaxation is a key element of any Yoga therapy regimen and must not be forgotten at any cost. Shavasana has been reported to help a lot in hypertensive patients and practices such as Savitri Pranayama, Chandra Pranayama, Kayak Kriyas, Yoga Nidra, Anulom Viloma Prakriyas and Marmanasthanam Kriya are also available to the person requiring this state of complete relaxation. It is important to remember that relaxation on its own is less effective than relaxation following activity.


Aging is inevitable and Yoga can help us to age gracefully.  Healthy diet, regular exercise, avoidance of negative thoughts & habits and cultivation of the positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle can help us to age with dignity. Yoga can also help our ‘silver citizens’ retain their mental ability and prevent degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and various other aging problems.  Swami Gitananda Giri, Yogashri Krishnamacharya, Kannaiah Yogi, Swami Suddananda Bharathi, Yogeshwarji, Yogendraji, Swami Ram Dev and  Padma Bhushan BKS Iyengar are but a few of the Yogis who have shown us that its is possible to grow old without losing any of the physical or mental faculties of youth.


Yoga helps patients to learn to make an effort and change their life style for the better so that their health can improve. Life style modification is the buzzword in modern medical circles and Yoga can play a vital role in this regard. Yogic diet, Asanas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Kriyas and relaxation are an important aspect of lifestyle modification. Dr Dean Ornish, an eminent American medical doctor who has shown that Yogic lifestyle can reverse heart disease. He says, “Yoga is a system of perfect tools for achieving union as well as healing.”

Scientists such as Dr BK Anand, Dr KK Datey, Dr KN Udupa, Dr B Ramamurthy, Dr W Selvamurthy, Dr T Desiraju, Dr Nagendra, Dr Nagaratna, Dr Shirley Telles, Dr MV Bhole, Dr Rajapurkar, Dr Mittimohan, Dr Lajpat Rai and Dr Madanmohan and Yogacharya Dr.Ananda BalayogiBhavananihave contributed extensively towards the scientific understanding of Yoga Vidya and Yoga Vidhi

Dr VSSM Rao writes that, “The tradition of Yoga is so perfect that we have to seek ways of expounding it in modern scientific terminology instead of simply evaluating it in terms of current concepts of science, which is expanding so rapidly that a time may come when man would like to live by his intuition rather than by scientific planning, bristling with conflicts and balancing a number of variables not completely understood.”

This is because Yoga has a sound system of etiology, diagnosis and pathogenesis of disease. Thus, we have a complete system by itself in Yoga

Kundalini Jagran

The importance of Yoga in India is known from the time of Krishna which is evident from Gita.

Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita (vs. 16-17, Chapter VI) has said, “Yoga is not for him who eats too much or too little. It is not for him who sleeps too much or too little. It is for him who is temperate in food and recreation, temperate in his exertion at work, temperate in sleep, yoga puts an end to all sorrows”

With the increasing evidence gathered by modern medical scientists in coordination with Yoga practioners, they have no hitch to say their patients ‘Never fear shadows. They simply mean there is light somewhere nearby’

‘I burn my candle at both ends;

It may not last the night.

But oh! my friends, and ah! my foes,

It makes a lovely light.’

Source by DR M. R. JAIN

Natural Health/Holistic Medicine – Miracle Mineral Solution

Natural Health/Holistic Medicine – Miracle Mineral Solution

Every once in a while a product or a person comes along that is so brilliant and inspirational that you just want to shout it out to the world! Well, we have come across both! The man’s name is Jim Humble and the natural health product we are referring to is Miracle Mineral Solution.

Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) is a “stabilized oxygen” formulation that is a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite in distilled water. When a mild acid (lemon or lime juice, or citric acid) is added to a few drops of MMS, Chlorine Dioxide is created and when ingested, produces a major boost to the immune system, killing virtually every known pathogen, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and yeasts. Chlorine Dioxide is the most powerful killer of pathogens in the body ever known.

What’s more, this product is extremely cheap to purchase. For the price of a 1 week prescription from the pharmacy or less you can purchase a bottle of that will last one person up to a year. Just 6 drops a day is all you need to maintain optimum health in the body. For people with serious illnesses, 15 drops twice a day will get you well and truly on your way to better health. You will be absolutely astounded when you listen to and read the documented success stories!

While first developed to address Malaria in Africa, it has now been shown that many other conditions, directly or indirectly related to pathogens are affected by MMS. There is documentation of over 75,000 cases of Malaria being overcome in Africa. Often all symptoms are gone and the victim is tested clear of Malaria in as little as 4 hours. It is now known that chlorine dioxide, as used in the MMS protocol, can be used to overcome toxicity contributors to such conditions as AIDS, Hepatitis A,B&C, most cancers, herpes, foodpoisoning, Typhoid, pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, colds, flu and many other conditions.

Even conditions such as macular degeneration, allergies, lupus, inflammatory bowel disorders, diabetes, snake bites and fibromyalgia have been helped by MMS. Please note that MMS doesn’t cure anything, but rather it reduces the toxic load which helps our body to heal itself.

I have recently watched a DVD on MMS and the founder of this product-Jim Humble. The honesty and integrity of this amazing man bought tears to my eyes several times throughout the DVD. This is a man who’s main mission is to bring MMS to the world for the sake of human health, not to get rich and line his own pockets-if this was the case he would be charging a lot more than he is for this incredible product.

Please take the time to read or listen to the information available on MMS, for the sake of your family’s health and for the sake of your own pocket. Here is a Natural Medicine more powerfull than anything ever known, that is cheap and cannot build up in your body and cause other diseases at a later date, unlike synthetic medicines/antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

Natural Health/Holistic Medicine – Miracle Mineral Solution
Source by Lyn Nichols

Spiritual and Faith Healing, Energy Work

Spiritual/Faith Healings & Light Energy Work —–work with your body’s natural defense system. It works with your immune system, it works with your faith, your belief in God and it works with you—WITH YOU–not for you. Some people seem to be under the impression that with one amazing healing, they can go without proper rest, they can forgo a good diet, they do not have to exercise, they do not have to pray or utilize their faith in any way, shape or form. They do not want to remove or minimize negative people in their lives. People and situations that have proven to be of detrimental effect on them. A lot of people seeking spiritual healing simply want the problem removed with no participation at all on their level. That is not going to work. Without you, our healings will only work for a while. It may be a long, long while.

However, unless you practice your belief and take care of yourself, you will simply fall back into the state of mind or being that led you to obtain the healing in the first place. That goes for physical as well as emotional healings. Support us as we support you. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Work on keeping your thoughts and what you say POSITIVE. And being judgmental of others will only bring you difficulty as the scripture does teach us that to judge not lest we be judged by the same measure. Keep learning and growing. Even someone going over lessons you have already learned can be great reminders when we are going through tough times. No of us knows everything. Keep your spiritual balance with good spiritual teaching and read the scriptures and inspirational books, and other literature. Reminder:

The goal is to walk closer to God, to experience Him on all levels and to know that you are His child and He is your Mother-Father. The goal is an unshakable faith. “I shall not be moved.” Pray for people who are difficult for you to be around or to interact with. Praise God and show gratitude. No matter what is happening to you, I guarantee you there is another person or people out there who have it worse. And there but for the Grace of God go you. Healings are a supplement to your faith, your belief in God. Faith without works is dead scripture tells us. You bring the faith and we will help you put into action, the WORKS. That is what our energy program is: The Works that is brought into form from your faith. Nothing starts physically without starting spiritually first. It starts spiritually first–that is your faith–then we bring into the physical manifestation of what you need from our faith linked with yours.

From Our faith to Yours, God bless you, Walk in Love, Gloria

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When you pass through the waters, He will be with you. When you walk through fire, you will not be consumed. (from Isaiah 43)

May you be kept in perfect peace

Source by Etta Hamilton

Yoga – A Cure for Modern Day Stress

As we walk the tightrope between modern life and our animal instincts, the human race strives to find balance. In our bodies, our minds, our environment, in our lives. With our brains over-stimulated and our bodies more sedentary than ever, many of us suffer from the fatigue and imbalance that comes from chronic stress without sufficient recovery. A yoga practice is an excellent way to soothe nerves that are in a constant state of overdrive. Yoga can help give us the ability to live healthy amidst hectic schedules and bustling environments. Why does it seem that as technology evolves at such epic pace we have less and less time at our disposal? Now more than ever we need to slow down, quiet our minds, take a deep breath…

Stress has become a chronic aspect of life for many of us; and it takes its toll. The nervous system senses continued pressure and remains slightly activated, producing extra stress hormones over an extended period of time. This can wear out the body’s reserves, leaving us feeling depleted or overwhelmed. Over time the immune system weakens causing illness and fatigue, mood swings, lack of focus, and irritability. Stress is implicated in many health problems from migraines and insomnia to lupus, MS, eczema, poor digestion, weight gain, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. In milder situations a little stress can keep us on our toes and help us to rise to a challenge. However, in today’s world chronic, unreleased stress has become prevalent and is taking a tremendous toll on our bodies as it diminishes our enjoyment of life.

In city living the constant noise, electricity, radiation, radiowaves, electromagnetic rays, and infra-red which surround us, create an ever-present stimuli that haggars the central nervous system. We do not yet know long term effects of this “white noise.” We may not consciously be aware of it, but our bodies register all that is going on around us. In our jobs and lifestyles we are often engaged in many tasks at once and feeling that we are constantly on the go, and that even when we do have a moment to spare we can’t seem to truly relax.

What is Stress?

In a challenging situation the human brain responds to stressors by activating the nervous system and specific hormones. The hypothalamus (located in the center of the brain) signals the adrenal glands to produce more of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, and release them into the bloodstream. Heart rate, blood pressure, and metabolism increase, blood vessels open wider to allow more blood flow into large muscles groups, making our muscles tense and putting the brain on high alert. Pupils dilate to improve vision. The liver releases a dose of stored glucose to increase the body’s energy. Sweat is produced to cool the body. This chain reaction of physical effects happens to prepare the human being to react quickly and effectively, enabling them to handle the pressure of the moment. Cortisol is a natural steroid that raises your blood sugar level (so the muscles have plenty of fuel) and suppresses inflammation, but it also suppresses the immune system. The adrenal hormones are catabolic, which means they foster biological processes that burn energy and break down cellular structures. If you activate the adrenal glands over and over again without sufficient recovery in between, your body becomes depleted and exhausted.

Stress is necessary for the human to remain self-sufficient; to survive. In the jungle, ancient man conjured stress hormones when needed to fight a bear or a tiger, or to survive extreme weather conditions. With a concrete defensive action stress hormones in the blood get used up entailing reduced stress effects and symptoms of anxiety. In modern life some stress situations sharpen us; clear the cobwebs from our thinking, and stimulate faculties to attain our true potential. Each stage of human evolution happened by adapting in order to survive extreme conditions and stressors in our environment, as at this time the body is prepared to act with increased strength and speed while the mind is sharp and focused. Stress and a human response to stress is necessary.

However, what we need now is to learn to adapt to our new world, to handle the increase in milder but consistent stress in a better way and to learn to release before it affects us in a negative manner. When we fail to counter a stress situation these chemicals and hormones remain unreleased in the body and bloodstream for a long period of time. This leads to a long list of symptoms such as tense muscles, unfocused anxiety, dizziness and rapid heartbeat, and compels the mind-body to in an almost constant alarm state in preparation to fight or run away (known as the fight or flight response).

Accumulated stress can increase the risk of both acute and chronic psychosomatic illnesses, and cause everything from headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, frequent cold and fatigue, to diseases such as hypertension, asthma, diabetes, heart ailments and even cancer. Many medical doctors and psychologists go as far as to say that 70 – 90 % of visits by adults to primary care physicians are for stress related problems.**

How Yoga Affects Stress

Enhance the body’s natural functions:

To recover from the exhaustion associated with chronic stress, we need to do things that turn off the adrenal hormones and promote secretion of anabolic hormones. Certain yoga poses, such as inversions help to stimulate glands in the brain (Pituitary, Pineal). Moving into the ALPHA state is very important. The alpha state is considered the ideal waking state, where we reach the pinnacle of our creative thought process while the body is in a healing cycle. Alpha state is often attained during savasana; final resting pose in yoga practice.

Yoga’s smooth, deep, symmetrical breathing, twists, stretches and balancing postures help to enhance the body’s natural functions, keeping the spine, house of the nervous system supple, enhancing flow of fluids in the spine and stimulating glands and circulation of blood and lymph throughout the rest of the body. Muscles are lengthened and toxins are released. Pranayam (breath exercises) and poses such as cat where we roll along the spine with breath can help to flush and clear the lung tissue.

Yoga innately helps us to create balance; to know our bodies, to recognize when we are not balanced both on and off of the mat. On a purely physical level hatha yoga creates strength, flexibility, grace. Part of Yoga’s philosophy is to take the approach of strengthening and healing the body in the process of healing and cleansing the mind. Yoga views the body as having many layers. Asana (physical yoga postures) affect the body but also these deeper layers, en route to creating a whole, balanced self. Hatha yoga practice creates unobstructed energy flow.

Release Tension:

Stressed out individuals tend to carry a great deal of physical tension in their bodies. Yoga helps to unlock and release these tensions before they can accumulate over time and become chronic physical and psychological conditions. As we release physical blockages, toxins, and limitations from the body we also do so in mind, spirit, and emotions. The benefits of yoga postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana) include increased body awareness, release of muscular tension and increased coordination between mind-and body which leads to better management of stress and cultivates an overall feeling of well being

During the resting poses in yoga such as child’s pose, abdominal tension is released. This allows internal organs to unwind promoting deep breathing and enhancing digestive and reproductive functions. This deep rest affords the central nervous system much needed time in ‘para-sympathetic’ mode (relaxed calm state, free of the “flight or flight” stress response) in order to recover and rejuvenate. Creating focus through a series of specific bodily poses also helps us to truly take our mind off of work and other stressors.

The Breath:

In normal conditions the body follows a natural breath pattern that is slow and fairly regulated. Under stress when the body shows symptoms such as tightening of muscles, distractions, anxiety, hyperactivity and angry reactions, breathing becomes quick and shallow. One tends to hold one’s breath frequently. With restricted breathing inflow of oxygen is diminished. Lungs are unable to exhale the stale airs and residual toxins build up inside the body. Stiff muscles restrict the circulation of blood that so even less oxygen comes in and fewer toxins are removed. This in turn affects the healthy regeneration of cells and can accelerate aging and disease. Medical studies show that the oxygen-starved cells are the major contributing factors in cancer, immunity deficiency, heart disease and strokes. Breathing also affects our state of mind and consequently makes our thinking either confused or clear. Lengthening and deepening breath in yoga creates a more balanced state of being. A change in breath pattern creates a change in the metabolic process, emotions, endorphins, internal chemical reactions, and the release of specific hormones. Mind affects body; body affects mind.

Mind Body Connection:

The sensitivity that comes through a yoga practice helps to develop a level of skill in cultivating, observing and choosing one’s posture, breath, emotions, and diet more wisely. As we practice we learn to listen with our bodies. Whenever we experience an emotion, our bodies register this emotion and mirror it. The next time you get angry, stressed, or afraid, stop and notice exactly what is happening in your own body in that moment. Which muscles got tense? How has your breath been affected? How did your posture change? Is your heart beating faster? What affects you and why? Are you able to notice it as it happens?

Over time yoga helps us to let go of unwanted emotional and physical patterns. Yoga practice is great for providing recovery and can also help you deal with stressful circumstances without having such a strong negative reaction. The mindfulness – mind-body awareness cultivated with yoga practice allows us to realize emotions as they arise; sensing what is the cause of the emotion and how that emotion affects the body/mind. As Patanjali says in his Yoga Sutras**, “Yoga quells the fluctuations of the mind.” It slows down the mental loops and patterns of frustration, regret, anger, fear, and desire that can cause stress. No matter what age, we can release past traumas, feelings of guilt or inadequacy, denial, patterns of feeling unable to communicate or connect, patterns of addiction, (all of which lead to more guilt and denial). We need to clear out these patterns in order to stay freshly alive or else there is an accumulation, a blockage, both physical and mental. We need to continually release these psycho/somatic holding patterns. As we release blockages, toxins, and tightness physically, we also do so in mind, spirit, emotions.

Awareness from the inside out and from the outside in are necessary. They are one in the same. Through a regular yoga practice we develop a balanced state on a consistent basis and this translates into our lives off the mat. We become better equipped to handle everything that comes our way in life; to handle life with more grace, ease, and presence, from a more objective point of view. By staying open we keep on top of the game, in the moment, able to truly enjoy each day to the fullest. The way we deal with coworkers and friends or family will innately be transformed. The very way we perceive things around us and who we are as a person from moment to moment will be transformed. Our sense of self-perception is the root of our own life. From here the world around us takes shape. As we become more aware of ourselves we are able to be less judgmental, more open, more honest, and take things less personally. True wisdom comes from within, from self knowledge and a clear eye.If you learn to quiet your mind, you’ll be likely to live longer, and fuller, with better health. Yoga and meditation offer some of the same benefits as antidepressants-without the side effects.

It is no wonder yoga has soared to such heights of popularity. Through yoga practice we begin to find a sense of wholeness. We become more aware. We create balance in our bodies, in our minds, in our lives. As we evolve individually and come closer to an open, authentic state of being, we also evolve as a species, creating a better world for us all.
Source by Michelle Trantina

Emotional Healing: For Mental Body

Emotional Healing: For Mental Body

Emotional healing is a factor in healing all disease and much of any healer’s skill is bases upon awareness of it. The most intangible and hardest to touch of remedy systems. It is perhaps the most important remedy of all, and certainly the most complex.    Women’s bodies do not stop at the skin, and the body is actually four bodies, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The dense physical body, what can be seen and touched, is what the medical system treats and what woman’s healing treats by physical level methods.These methods directly affect the body; m.jpg their biochemical ingredients make changes in the biochemical components of physiology. Why is it that humans cannot regrow limbs, but lizards can? And what is it that sometimes causes a fractured bone to not knit and rebuild?
The human body contains sixty trillion cells; what directs some of them to be skin cells, while other are bone, organ, blood or lymph cells? And why do normal cells sometimes become cancerous?The answers lie beyond the physical body level, in the unseen energy levels, called the four subtle or vibrational bodies in most metaphysical traditions. Health or disease begin in the vibrational energy levels, and healing that is permanent must also treat these levels. The four bodies -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – are present in the seven layers of the aura. Many women can see these bodies visually, or see some of them.
Woman who meditate can learn to visualise their etheric bodies and charkas, and to clear blockages from them before they result in physical disease in the meditative state, visualize each chakra in turn and fill it with its designated colour. In an example, if you have a sore throat, visualize the charkas and aura as a whole first, and light up each chakra with its colour. Woman who see auras visually may see this body as flashing colours that move in and out of the emotional body aura. The mental body filters through the emotional before it reaches the etheric double and dense physical body. In the mental body, women can create what they want for their lives and healing, but they must do so very carefully. A woman discovers a lump in her breast and makes an appointment to have it biopsied. She can visualize mentally in two different ways. In the positive way, she can realize that eighty percent of breast lumps are benign. If she makes that image and concentrates on it often enough. She can begin holistic therapies of her choice immediately, to go along with the visualization The other way to visualize is the negative way. She can see herself dying horribly of cancer, her body mutilated by the medical system’s surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. What we create in our minds/mental bodies, aided by the emotions the thoughts raise, have direct repercussions on what happens in the physical body. The woman who visualizes positively is much likelier to have a positive outcome than the woman who allows her fears to run wild. Negative thought patterns, many of them so habitual as to be no longer conscious for examining, have great effect in creating women’s disease. By changing the negative thought patterns, no matter how well-rooted, women change their bodies, reactions from disease to health. Emotional healing uncovers the negative patterns, allowing women to change their thoughts, emotions and bodies – if they choose to work that way.Visit at

Emotional Healing: For Mental Body
Source by shreevedic