Yoga In Stress Management




To-day, Science and Technology has made it advancement at the greatest pace. Yesterday’s innovation becomes obsolete to day. Human minds have to conform to the speed of technology by employing their intellect. In this process their mind becomes fatigue and ultimately it leads them to stress and strain. The doors of opportunity to relax do not knock at to them. This stress not only has its impact on them, but also on their sub ordinates, dependents and on the society as a whole.


                                Stress is described as a state of anxiety, strain, nervousness, tension, constant worry or pressure. It is what our bodies and minds experience in order to adapt to our consistently changing environment.

According to R.S.Lazarus, stress arises when an individual perceives that he/she cannot adequately cope with the demands being made on them or when they perceive threats to their well being. Stress results from an imbalance between demands and resources.

According to S.Palmen stress is the psychological, physiological and behavioral response by an individual when they perceive a lack of equilibrium between the demands placed upon them and their ability to meet those demands, which over period of time, leads to ill health.

Mind loses its equilibrium when any external or internal problem strains it harshly. Consequently, its functioning gets disturbed and its harmony begins to diminish slowly or rapidly, depending upon the individual’s state of mental health. The person so affected for a long period, becomes mentally sick with intensity proportionate to the degree of harmony lost. As a result, the individual’s thought action, manner, and behavior and out look become imbalanced and take various forms and shapes of abnormal expression. This can involve persons of any age, of any sex, of any socio economic back ground and of any land.


In order to make the methodological process of yoga comprehensible, a brief analysis about the causes of mental stress is essential. All troubles which affect the mind of an individual spring from three basic sources

i)    Nature

ii)  Society

iii)    Self

In other words, the particular problem which strains and causes mental imbalance in an individual is Nature- oriented, Society- oriented or Self- oriented.

        NATURE:-  The stress from Nature could be in the form of some natural calamity, threat from certain animate creatures and the peculiarity of natural phenomena.

(Ex) Tsunami, Earthquake. Etc.,

SOCIETY:-The stress comes from societal problems likewise, could be religious, ethnic, racial, economic, political etc., or also they might involve the varied problems of adjustments to certain customs, manners, way of life, etc., of a particular community.

(Ex) Judgments in the rural set up

SELF:- There could be countless problems of individual’s own creation, while arise because of certain beliefs, faith, notions, habits, manners and also because of some inner feelings, such as, hatred, jealousy, revenge, love, romance, likes and dislikes.

EFFECT OF STRESS:-   According to Selye, stress is not necessarily some thing bad, it all depends on how you take it. The stress of exhilarating, creative successful work is beneficial, while that of failure, humiliation or infection is detrimental. Stress can sometime lead to severe health problems and in extreme cases, can cause even death.

Stress gives positive as well as negative results. If it is an optimum stress

i)     It helps us move to action

ii)     Stimulating and exciting

iii)    New awareness and out look

So, for any work we are going to do or we are going to face any task, we should have optimum stress. If the stress level increases, the following physical and mental problems arise and disturb the individual. Stress indirectly and sometimes directly will affect the people those who are near and dear to him.

Physical problems:-

                               i)  Severe Head ache

ii)  Hyper tension

iii) Cardiac failure

iv)  Diabetes

v)  Strokes

Mental problems:-

i) Distrust

ii) Rejection

iii)  Anger

iv) Depression

v) Insomnia

People with high stress usually feel poorly about themselves or the world around them. They struggle with inactivity, isolation and feelings of hopelessness.

YOGA:-    Yoga is the restriction of the flections of consciousness. Yoga has a complete message for humanity. It has a message for the human body, human mind and human soul. Yoga sastra unmistakably recognizes the interdependence of body and mind. It prescribes exercises for both body and mind, so that the two might develop themselves in a spirit of co-operation to such a balanced psycho- physiological condition that they should cease to enslave the human soul. Yogis are convinced that thus freed from the thralldom of body and mind, the soul realizes the boundless existence of infinite bliss.

Through constant practice of yoga, one can over come all difficulties and eradicate all weakness. Pain can be transmitted in to bliss, sorrow in to joy, failure in to success and sickness into perfect health. Determination, patience and persistence lead us to the goal.

It may be said that the goal of yoga is to bring about a complete harmony within the individual, due to the collation of the process of desire and achievement, as a result of realization of the futility of that process. It is a state of separation from misery and sorrow, a state of silence and peace. But it becomes almost impossible for most of us to attain such a state, because the minds of most of us are endlessly caught up in wishful thinking, seeking security, prestige, power, permanent and lasting pleasure and so on. We thus, forever carry a burden caused by desires, cravings, hopes and despairs, greed envy. It becomes very difficult to understand clearly how this burden and tension is essentially of our own making, because our beliefs, judgments and conclusions, hardly ever permit us to think in a free manner. We are conditioned by the beliefs that we unknowingly gather from our parents, friends, teachers, leaders and other influential members of the society. This process of conditioning has an overwhelming influence on almost every child born in the society. The goal of yoga is to put an end to this conditioning, society and grief. An individual, then, stops looking at the problems he confronts, through what others have said, and the starts understanding any situation as it is. But all this indeed remains beyond the grasp of most of us, because we lack sensitivity and simplicity of mind. It is therefore, that individuals who reach the goal of yoga are very rare in any society.


                                    The following are the selected yogic practices divided in the training package.

i)                    Meditation (observing breath)

ii)                   Ujjayi pranayama

iii)                 Paschimottan asana

iv)                 Bhujanga asana

v)                  Trikona asana

vi)                 Sarvanga asana

vii)               Dhanur asana

viii)              Hala asana

 Results of yogic practices

i)                    Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium, with a tendency towards Para sympathetic nervous system dominance rather than the usual stress – induced sympathetic nervous system dominance.

ii)                   Blood pressure decreases (of special significance for hypo reactors)

iii)                 Sleep improves

iv)                 Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increases

v)                  Mood improves and subjective well- being increases

vi)                 Self- acceptance and self actualization increase

vii)               Social adjustment increases

viii)              Hostility decreases

ix)                 General health improves

The above results help us to decrease stress.


i)                    Avoid peer pressure

ii)                   Proper exercise and proper diet

iii)                 Breathing control

iv)                 Relaxation techniques

v)                  Good sleep

vi)                 Calm, clear thoughts and quiet confidence

vii)               Building self confidence

Research results in the recent days prove that yoga is a good remedy for stress. By strictly adhering to the above mentioned remedial measures, we, in turn practice yoga. The above remedial measures are part and parcel of yoga.

The trend prevalent all over the world at present situation is that people are aware of the fact that yoga is indispensable for one’s safe and secured life. But it must be a compulsory practice at all levels from childhood to adulthood. It is imperative to make it a compulsory program from the budding stage of a child at the school till his/ her last breath.

Source by Dr.j.Rajakumar

The Principles Of Spiritual Healing

The term, “Spiritual healing” may seem to be an odd word in this era of advanced technology. However, the truth of the very existence of the invisible power called “God” cannot be just ignored. As Spirituality involves the acceptance of god beyond intelligence with whom we have relationship, spiritual healing does have a great importance in a person’s life.

The Principles:

You will be well- aware of the fact that, physical healing greatly depends upon deeper healing of spirit, which is based on metaphysical principles. Spiritual Healing is said to be the natural energy therapy and spiritual healing complements the conventional medicine by treating the whole parts of the body of a person including mind, body and spirit. Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, sometimes this is described as ‘love and light’ which relaxes the body. This technique includes other benefits and that helps us to release of tension and increase the stimulation of self-healing. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical and the effects can be profound.

Developing Spirituality:

Developing a connection with God will get you the feeling of safety in soul. Spiritual healing makes us understand the fact that we are not all alone in the universe, even at those times when we feel temporarily separated from other people. We feel extreme security as we believe that there is a source that we can always seek help from. In short, spiritual Healing teaches us the art of living.

Spiritual healing can be done to any person of any religion. Spirituality is not something for the chosen few or the pious alone. DNA Activation is the most powerful alternate healing technique that can assist in healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems

Methods Used For Spiritual Healing:

Prayer, visualization, channeling of spiritual energy, devices that transmit healing forces, channeling of Spiritual Helpers and Guides, personal spiritual realization, advanced levels of concentration, psychic abilities are some of the methods of spiritual healing methods in practice today. These techniques enable the people to recover from certain disorders very quickly. Enlightenment is guided through the willingness of human by rationality rather than by faith or superstition and backed up by the view of the world increasingly validated by science and not by religion or tradition .Spiritual healing has the awakening power and enables to discover the potentiality to achieve our goals.

Bottom Line

Spiritual Healing is not just a counseling. Spiritual healing can be used as an aid that the medical practitioners do not have access to. It brings the sufficient power or good merit to literally shift the mental state of a person, which cannot be done through any physical exercises or drugs. The most practical approach for emotional and mental work is to supplement counseling with spiritual healing. Most of the counseling sessions available today helps the people to slowly shift a person’s thoughts and feelings whereas spiritual healing shifts energy patterns that change the overall life process in a quickened and gentle way.

Source by William Austin

Importance of Breathing in Yoga


To make your body fit there are many exercise, many equipments, and also medicines. But if want your body fit and fine without any trainer, without ant equipments and medicines. Then there is only way by Yoga. Here I am describing you some features and explanation about yoga.


What is Yoga?


The word “Yoga” comes from Sanskrit. It is a Hindu traditional way of exercise by which we can make control on our body and mind. By doing yoga we can make our body physical and mentally strong. If you do yoga 45 minutes a day after doing that I can surely tell you that your mind and body feel relax. Now there is short information about types of Yoga.


Types of Yoga Position:



    1. Free Spirit



        • Vinyasa yoga





    1. Gym Rat
        1. Bikram or Hot yoga


        1. Power Yoga


        1. Vinyasa Yoga



    1. Gymnast
        1. Ashtanga Yoga


        1. Forrest Yoga



    1. Injured
        1. Iyengar Yoga



    1. Mellow
        1. Hatha Yoga


        1. Integral Yoga


        1. Kripalu Yoga



    1. Self – motivated
        1. Ashtanga Yoga



    1. Singer
        1. Jivamukti Yoga


        1. Kundalini Yoga



    1. Spiritual Seeker
        1. Anusara Yoga


        1. Jivamukti Yoga


        1. Kundalini Yoga



    1. Traditionalist
        1. Iyengar Yoga


        1. Ashtanga Yoga


        1. Integral Yoga


        1. Kripalu Yoga


        1. Kundalini Yoga




Most Popular types of yoga:



    1. Raja Yoga – It is “Royal Yoga” running from the time of king. It is a special Yoga for your mind (dyana) to make it relax. Sit in any position and close your eyes and do meditation. It makes your whole body and mind relax. Do it 45 minutes in one day.


    1. Hatha Yoga – Hatha yoga is widely performed in America. It uses body position (asanas), breathing style (pranayama), and Meditation (dyana). This yoga makes you physically and mentally strong.


    1. Iyengar Yoga – It is a form of Hatha Yoga, is completely giving primacy to the physical alignment of the body.


    1. Bikram or Hot Yoga – Bikram yoga is developed by Bikram choudhury. This Yoga is performing in hot room. This yoga systemically for wellness and restoration. There are 26 different poses in Bikram Yoga.


    1. Pregnancy or Prenatal Yoga – This yoga is performing during the time of women pregnancy to make her body fit and in shape. It also best yoga for your baby. We enjoy performing this yoga in pregnancy period.


    1. Laughter or Hasya Yoga – Hasya Yoga is physical oriented methods that remove your tension, out of this world and place in new world of peace. During this yoga people laugh for 30 to 40 minutes with noise of clapping and Ha Ha……. People perform this yoga to make their mind free from their personal tension.


    1. Ashtanga Yoga – Ashtanga yoga is a yoga therapy, realigns the spine, detoxifies the body, and builds strength, flexibility and stamina.



Following are the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga:



    1. Yama (Restraints or Abstinence)


    1. Niyama (Disciplines or Devotion)


    1. Asanas ( Pose of Yoga)


    1. Pranayama (Breath Control)


    1. Pratyahara (Retraction of the Senses)


    1. Dharana ( Fix of Attention)


    1. Dyana (Meditation)


8. Samadhi (Deep Trance)

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Beneficios de salud del peróxido de hidrógeno de grado alimenticio

El peróxido de hidrógeno de grado alimenticio es una forma especialmente purificada de H2O2 que es completamente sana para el consumo. Las variedades regulares de farmacias no son peligrosas para el consumo interno, aunque contienen altos porcentajes de contaminantes y están pensadas para aplicarse en heridas externas o infecciones. El peróxido de hidrógeno es un antimicrobiano poderoso, especialmente para bacterias, y puede oxidar una variedad de sustancias no deseadas. Los muchos beneficios saludables de usar el peróxido de hidrógeno incluyen algunos que son bien conocidos y otros que son controversiales. Read more

Reiki – Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is an extremely effective technique for total relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki can not only effect changes in the physical structure of the body by helping to regenerate organs and re-build tissues but also helps to create balance on the mental level.

Reiki is guided by the Higher Intelligence that sustains and balances all life on this planet. It is an intelligent energy of love and wholeness. It understands the cause of problems and what healing is necessary. The Reiki energy has a wisdom of its own, healing and balancing all aspects of a person’s mind, body, emotions and spirit.

When a person comes for a Reiki healing, he or she may not know anything about what Reiki is an does. What they have heard about it is that stress relieving; a feeling of total mental and physical relaxation. Sometimes you may have a person that has a chronic illness. The reason that they have come for Reiki is to be treated “immediately”. This is fine, except that it is important for the client to know that they may have to do some life altering work for themselves. Reiki works if the person desires to be healed and is willing to raise their consciousness to remain well.

Reiki is best given by placing hands on, or slightly above, the parts of the body that correspond to the major chakras (Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus; Hara and Root). The recipient lies down on a couch or on a floor-mat or sits in a straight-backed chair. The best place is a couch. The practitioner’s hands are kept in each position for three to five minutes. The recipient remains fully clothed and personal privacy is rigorously respected.

Reiki techniques are used to heal the body, mind and the spirit. Reiki is a natural form of energy healing, using varying frequencies of energy to heal at all levels. Energy is channeled by the practitioner and directed through the hands to wherever it is needed. Reiki healing complements Eastern and Western medicine and everybody can benefit from it. It is beneficial to the health of woman (even pregnant), man, children and it is also excellent to be used on animals (dogs, cats, horses), plants, water, etc. Reiki has not only helped patients with physical ailments but also helped those with minor psychological problems as well.

Universal life force energy is provided by this healing. Reiki will provide best relaxation by its healing, loving and gentle touch. Optimum relaxation of this type of healing helps you to heal your body, spirit and mind.

Treatment by a reiki practitioner is intended to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Clients lie fully clothed while the practitioner’s hands are placed on specific parts of the body, starting with the head. Some reiki practitioners do not touch the physical body but transmit healing into the surrounding aura. Reiki can be used to heal the self or someone else, and reiki energy can be projected into the future or directed to a distant place. It can also be used on pets or plants.

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Summary- Motivation

As defined by Burger (2008), motivation is the driving force in all human activities which is aimed at goal achievement. In other words, motivation has also been defined as the determination and zest with a kind of excitement that makes one to endure and persevere in order to reach greater heights. In regard to human life, the source of the driving force (motivation) comes either from an internal source or external source. It has been noted that, motivation is dynamic and keeps changing from time to time. In this phenomenon, attainment of one goal gives a new drive to aim to a higher goal and the process continues throughout an individual’s life. On the contrary, de-motivation is also evident in people’s lives and may lead to great withdrawing and a bleak of all aspects of life. Despite the narrowing of the topic to address humans, it be effectively used in describing animal behavior. With regard to the topic, various theorists have contributed extensive efforts in analyzing and discussing the concept. Primarily, the concept of motivation is related with individuals desire to maximize pleasure and minimize physical pain. This will expound on the concept of motivation and more precisely identify and critically evaluate the role of internal and external factors affecting motivation (Burger 2008).

To begin with, motivation is disintegrated into two broad categories which include the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation exists within the individual and does not rely on external pressure. In this case, the motivation is driven by enjoyment or interest in the tasks itself. Based on research carried by different educational and social psychologists, intrinsic motivation is in most cases associated with high academic achievement and enjoyment by learners. Fritz Heider’s attribution theory has profoundly explained the concept of intrinsic motivation. Bandura’s and Ryan’s and Deci in the theory of self efficiency and cognitive evaluation theory respectively have adequately explained the topic of intrinsic motivation (Burger 2008).

On the other hand, extrinsic motivation refers to the driving force in individual behavior which yields from outside the individual. As depicted by Burger (2008), money, coercion, grades, and punishment among other rewards are the key motivations of individuals. From another perspective, an issue like competition has been identified to be a key factor in motivating people to behave in different manner. With regard to the Self determination theory, individuals can internalize extrinsic motivation if they view the tasks matches their beliefs and values. By so doing, individuals are able to fulfill there primary psychological needs (Burger 2008).

In relation with intrinsic motivation, the key drive is the enjoyment or the interest in the activity being undertaken. There are various internal and external factors affecting the level of intrinsic motivation among individuals. For instance in the academic field, learners are highly motivated by the achievements they may gain from their academic excellence. In this case, by evaluating the factors determining the achievement of a certain task, individuals will be highly motivated if they realize they are potential in handling the situation. In this regard, the amount of effort to be put into a certain activity or task is a key determinant of the level of motivation. For instance in educational arena, students will get motivated if they realize the tasks to be accomplished require less effort. Also in the professional field, the level of ease in performing a task is a key determinant of the level of motivation (Burger 2008).

On the other hand, the level of participation and the degree of utility required from an individual in performing a task determines the level of motivation. For instance, students will get more motivating in performing their tasks if they realize they are the only effective agents in attaining their desired goals. The recognition that, results cannot be attained by lick will definitely reinforce the driving force in individuals. It has further been observed that, the motivation in students is also determined by individual learners’ abilities in mastering a topic. It should be noted that, the level of motivation is always varied among individuals (Atkinson Et al 1996).

Many theorists have developed different theories explaining on how various external and internal factors determines the level of motivation. To begin with, the incentive theory is a vital theory in explaining the motivational factors. In regard to this theory, a tangible or intangible reward given to an individual will significantly alter his level of motivation. Research and experiments carried on the theory shows that, the impact of the rewards varies with the length of time the reward is offered. For instance, if the reward is offered immediately, the level of motivation will be very high. On the contrary, lengthening the time when the reward will be offered leads to gradual diminishing of the level of motivation (Pavlov 1927).

Additionally, the theory also outlines that, a rein-forcer can also be an effective factor of manipulating the individual’s behavior. This factor is slightly different from reward in that it is intended to develop a measured increase in the level of desirable behavior. Basically, the theory is developed on the belief that people are always ready to engage in behaviors which they perceive to be profitable. The theory gains much support from Behavioral psychologists like B.F skimmer. The concept of wanting and liking are stressed in this scenario; whereby the stimulus is aimed at attracting the person to behaving in a certain manner. It should been noted that, stimulus is very crucial in manipulating individual behavior (Burger 2008).

The need hierarchy theory developed by Abram Maslow has been highly celebrated fro its role in explaining motivational factors of individuals. With regard to the theory, human behavior is influenced by the various needs and wants facing an individual. Based on this, the unsatisfied needs will be a key factor in deciding how a person will behave. On the contrary, satisfied needs have no role in determining the behavior of any individual. According to Abraham Maslow, the needs of people are endless and thus people’s behavior will continue to be manipulated by these needs influencing their level of motivation. Significantly, the hierarchical nature of human needs is also well depicted in the theory; whereby an individual will advance to the next level (Nevid 2007).

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Natural Medicine can Treat Varicose Veins Safely

There are many people who do not realize that their problems with the legs are solely due to the veins and there are solutions. Working by standing on your feet all day can cause you to develop varicose veins. These pop up when you least expect it and may become a health problem for you. About half people in the world probably develop superficial venous problems. These types of varicose veins may not give you any trouble. Small varicose veins with time can become large varicose veins and you may have to have some kind of treatment to handle your problem.

Varicose veins happen because of the weakening of your veins. They could cause you to have ulcers in your skin and clots in your blood. Spider veins are a version of varicose veins that are really tiny and make your legs look bad. It is important to identify the problem in your legs immediately to your doctor after having symptoms like trouble walking due to feeling like your legs are a ton of bricks, itching or scratching. If you are having problems with your legs, contact your doctor because it can be venous problem or another medical condition.

Your doctor will ask you lots of questions so that they will know how to treat you. They want to determine if you have hardening of your arteries because this could cause you to have trouble with the circulation of your blood. They want to know if you have diabetes or other conditions of your blood vessels so they will run a series of tests to determine this. Having an ultrasound test will let your doctor know if you have any blood clots in your veins. An ultrasound will show pictures of what your veins look like and scan your legs for superficial venous abnormalities called reflux.

Superficial venous reflux is when the valves in your legs become incompetent or lack to help push blood back to the heart. If the problem continues for a long period of time, the leg can develop swelling, discoloration and eventually ulcers. There are two kinds of superficial venous incompetencies, primary and secondary. Primary is genetic and occurs as we age. Secondary is more serious because the veins tend to lie deeper in the muscles. The deep veins in your legs are the main drainage in your legs to the heart.

The closer the superficial veins connect closer to the deep venous system, the more dangerous the problem because blood clots can develop. When the superficial connects to the deep system this is called a perforator. Veins are supposed to drain the legs so when the veins are not properly functioning, perforators form. If the perforator valves become incompetent, ulcers form. The leg becomes dead tissue eventually. Support hose may be prescribed by your doctor to keep your blood flowing and your varicose veins from getting worse.

You should do exercise, which will give movement to your legs. Leg exercises will help you to have the blood flow that you need for healthy legs. Of course if you are overweight this also could have an adverse effect on your veins. There are ways of treating your varicose veins but the best thing would be to never get them. Make sure that you take good care of your legs so that varicose veins will not happen to you. Western medicine or natural medicine can be used to get rid of varicose veins. Natural medicines can eradicate varicose veins safely and effectively without any side effects.

According to medical knowledge, the advantage of western medicines is that they have clear healing efficacy and powerful lethal effect to infectious agent because they are usually chemical substances. Yet at the same time, as western medicines have certain side effect more or less, some present toxic side effect obviously and even can cause serious drug-induced diseases and drug resistance. It is thus clear that western medicines cause serious harm to the body at the time of dealing with animal diseases. The toxicity issue of western medicines is an increasing concern.

Natural drugs come from plants or mineral of nature and their direct destruction aiming at infectious agent is often inferior to western medicine. However, natural drugs are not for destroying enemy but for mobilizing autologous tissue or self-recovery capability. Additionally, natural drugs have an effect to improve effect and decrease toxicity by compatibility of medicines and reduce side effect further. For varicose veins, it’s the best choice to take natural plant medicine. To learn more, please go to

Source by bcured

Benefits Of Using Herbal Medicine

Herbs have been used for healing purposes and to promote wellness since from the ancient times. Nowadays, herbal medicines, and health and dietary supplements are flooding the markets today. People have begun to recognize the usage of herbal medicines and natural remedies because of the numerous advantages it has. The use of herbal medicine is widespread and growing. In fact, herbs are always the alternative medicine and primary source of health care for more people in the world.

People are greatly concerned about the efficacy and side effects of many synthetic drugs, and hence choose herbal medicines for providing a safe and natural alternative treatment for many health problems. Among the many benefits in using herbal medicines, some of them are as follows:

Herbal medicines are not categorized as medicines but are treated as food as they are natural products. Herbal medicines need not be tested to prove that they work well and are safe before they are sold. Herbal medicines are even more convenient to buy. You can buy herbal medicines without a prescription. Herbal medicines are much cheaper than synthetic drugs.

The use of herbal medicines in the right way provides effective and safe treatment for many ailments. The effectiveness of the herbal medicines is mostly subjective to the patient. The potency of the herbal medicines varies based on the genetic variation of the herbs, growing conditions of the herbs, timing and method of harvesting of the herbs, exposure of the herbs to air, light and moisture, and type of preservation of the herbs.

Herbal medicines can be used for healing purposes and to promote wellness. Herbal medicines are not addictive or habit forming, but are powerful nutritional agents that support the body naturally. Herbal medicines promote health and serve as excellent healing agents without side effects. Chinese herbs are taken as tonics to enhance physical and mental well-being. Herbal medicines are safe and effective for health, healing, weight loss/gain/maintenance, etc. Herbal medicine can nourish the body’s deepest and most basic elements.

Herbal medicines are great body balancers that help regulate body functions. Natural therapies such as herbal medicines can be used to support balance process of our body. Herbal medicines offer the nutrients that the body fails to receive due to poor diet or environmental deficiencies in the soil and air.

Herbal medicines can be used to treat many diseases such as asthma, eczema, premenstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, menopausal symptoms, chronic fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome, etc., and can be used for maintaining general health. Herbal preparations are the best when taken under the guidance of a trained professional. When used correctly, herbal medicines are considered safer than conventional medications.

Though herbal medicines have so many advantages, herbal medicines does not necessarily mean safe for you always. Many natural substances and herbal medicines can be harmful if taken in over doses or if used wrongly. More over, herbal medicines may not be pure sometimes. Unregulated, herbal products may be mislabeled and may contain undeclared additives and adulterants. They may also include other things such as plant pollen or contaminants that could make you sick. Hence, it is always wise to consult with your doctor first before taking your herbal medications. Testing and standardized manufacturing of herbal medicines and supplements is needed, in order to have the full benefits of herbal medicines. Researches reveal that all herbal medicines should be stopped 2 weeks before any surgery.

Source by Oz Zeldom