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Natural Medicine can Treat Varicose Veins Safely

There are many people who do not realize that their problems with the legs are solely due to the veins and there are solutions. Working by standing on your feet all day can cause you to develop varicose veins. These pop up when you least expect it and may become a health problem for you. […]

Benefits Of Using Herbal Medicine

Herbs have been used for healing purposes and to promote wellness since from the ancient times. Nowadays, herbal medicines, and health and dietary supplements are flooding the markets today. People have begun to recognize the usage of herbal medicines and natural remedies because of the numerous advantages it has. The use of herbal medicine is […]

What is motivation and concepts of motivation?

“Motivation starts with you so get motivated! Believe in Yourself and Believe in Others!” What is motivation? One of the most important factors that lead goals to the drive is Motivation. It is the goal oriented behaviors. Motivation can be attained with one self as well as by others. It is of various types. Getting a […]

Sciences of Spirituality

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 You might be thinking why I used extra alphabet “s” as suffix in word “Sciences”. The only reason is that I could not find any abbreviation of whole sentence. To make more impact I put suffix. However there is no need of any suffix or prefix in Hinduism, as […]

Natural Medicine For Joint Pain And Arthritis

Sometimes the body’s immune system falls and the body is exposed to the attack of different diseases. When one keeps falling a prey to diseases regularly the immunity of the body falls to an all time low and certain autoimmune disorders start developing inside the body. One may also be born with these autoimmune maladies […]

Yoga Kinect

Yoga Kinect There are 2 games that have Yoga with the Xbox kinect included in them. The first yoga kinect game is “Your Shape and Fitness Evolved”, this includes several yoga and Thai Chi classes. You get to choose a personal trainer to help you meet your specific fitness goals, take a Yoga or Martial […]

A New Trend in Spirituality?

In many of the world’s traditions, over the centuries, spiritual life has been defined as separate from religious or spiritual life. At times, people have been forced to choose between their so-called spiritual life and their life in the everyday world. To be a monk, people have given away all their possessions, renounced their families, […]

Natural Medicine to Improve the Health of your heart

If you are thinking of improving the health of your heart, through natural medicine, check with your doctor first. Some types of herbs and plants could endanger your cardiovascular health. But do not start using herbal supplements on your own without prior suggestion from your cardiologist, to evaluate which herbs and alternative medicine have a […]

Yoga And The Medical Science

Modern medical science and Yoga are rational, scientific and universal in outlook and hence are natural allies. Their combination has the potential to provide us with a holistic health science that will be a boon for the psychosomatic health of our masses. Yoga involves a holistic approach to healing and  integrates healing with the culture, […]