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Body Weight and Spiritual Work

I have had a battle with my weight since I was 21 years of age and went on the birth pill on the advice of my doctor, whether I should have taken the advice or not has always been a question mark within me. I went from a size 12 – 14 up to a size 24 in three months and basically stayed that way all of my life. I did lose weight a couple of times, and kept it off for a while. My lowest size was twenty years ago when I got down to a size 12 again and kept it off for 6 weeks!

I had gone through a difficult time with my marriage and had separated for 6 weeks. I had lost weight all year, and decided to go back to my then ex. He told me I was too thin, and I in my effort to be what HE wanted, began eating again a lot of the things I had avoided, which were high in carbs. Within a few months, I was back to a size 24 again. I did not realize then the reason for my weight was the work I was to do. Because for me, to be the Medium/channel I am, it needs for me to carry weight, not so much fat, but water.

I read recently that Oprah Winfrey is back up to 200 pounds again; and that in a letter to the public, she said how ashamed she feels knowing what she knows, having the awareness she does about nutrition. However, I remembered Pavarotti losing weight and gaining it, and losing and gaining it in the last years of his life. I noticed when he lost weight, his voice did not carry as much power. Oprah Winfrey does not realize it, but she is a channel for spirit. They use her, just like they use me, to bring the words of spirit to the world.

With Oprah, it is her show “Oprah” which over the last 20+ years has brought the spiritual/metaphysical subjects to the world. For me, it is the Maitreya web site and then of course, this web site as well as all the teaching/readings that I do. Like Oprah I have despaired of my weight over the years, but unlike Oprah and some of my friends, I have not become obsessed with it. Yes I have tried a couple of times to lose weight, but it has not been constant.

What is the purpose of this writing? It is to let the world know, if you work for spirit, there is a distinct possibility you will put weight on, and also have a problem taking it off. Also, it is not so much fat, as water, and that water is what spirit use as energy to do their work through us on the earth plane. My husband Alan put on 25 pounds within a year of being with me in the beginning. He did not eat any more either, he just put the extra weight on.

So what if you are thin, does this mean you cannot be a Medium/channel? No it does not. It does mean though that you will not have the staying power in doing the work. In my case, I can work and work and work, Alan says I am like the Ever Ready bunny, which is a type of battery in the USA which they guarantee will run longer than the others. I rarely get tired. My friend in NZ however who is thin, is a brilliant astrologer and channel, but she can only do about 15 readings a week if that, and runs out of energy very quickly.

People love my energy, just as they did Pavarotti’s, and Oprah’s. I have never been able to understand it, but recently at a concert Alan and I attended, the woman who sat next to me made comment on my energy and how she could nestle up to me. How warm I was. I know I could not be like that without the body weight. It is that “warmth” which draws people into my energy like flies to a sticky paper.

Oprah should not be ashamed of her weight, I used to be, but am no longer. Would I like to be a size 14/16, you bet, but I know it is not possible while I work for spirit. I do not advocate that you all go out there and eat to your heart’s content. I honestly do not eat a lot of things which are considered the fat person’s comfort such as chocolate, candy, cakes, cookies. I do not exercise a lot and that could be the problem, but after a week of working for spirit, I rarely have the energy to do that kind of thing, and if I did, of course it would affect the weight!

A medical doctor, someone who attends our center and is very interested in the metaphysical, told me the other day she liked me the way I was, and I seemed very healthy (she see’s and senses people’s energy) I came to the realization I loved myself too. If I lose weight, good and well, if not, too bad. At least I will know spirit can use my body for their work on the earth plane, it is so important, that work.

If you are carrying weight, do you find that people come up to you and tell you all of their problems? Do you take on people’s pain, depression and emotional issues? Do you find yourself starving after doing any kind of work where you help others? If you answered yes to these questions, you can bet you are working for spirit. Many people do, and do not even know it.

I was told when I was 14 years of age, our health was caused by the state of our mind. If we are happy inside, our body will be happy. I was thinking today of the number of really large people who have lived to long ripe ages, I personally can name at least 10. So MY new year resolution is to be happy, and let my body take care of itself. Of course my Self will not be happy, but then I am not catering to my Self, but to my Higher Self these days. – Go spirit!!

A well-known and respected spiritual teacher with students on five continents, Margaret now lives near Seattle, Washington with her husband, Alan, where they operate the Maitreya Seattle Learning and Healing Center. Read about and contact Margaret M at

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