Spiritual Metaphysics – Defining Metaphysics and Spirituality

Spiritual metaphysics is what we come to, or what comes to us, when we are ready to stop perceiving the world from a perspective of separateness. There are many aspects of being– physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. However, Spiritual metaphysics is the place where science and spirituality not only meet but support each other (Rather than Science vs. Religion). Few can deny having some of the following experiences where at least two of these aspects seemed oddly connected.

· Thinking of a long lost friend and then running into him or her at the store.

· An ache in the middle of the back that suddenly dissipates once the decision has been made to forgive past hurts.

· Knowing something isn’t quite right and then finding out a relative has passed.

· A small prayer (or a large one) answered through the most extraordinary of circumstances.

These things would seem merely coincidental and our society has been trained to view these types of events as such. Yet, science itself is helping spiritual metaphysics by proving something amazing. These events are happening in a world that is not very separate at all; all life is energy and what is considered the physical and the non-physical is very much one and the same.

The philosophy of metaphysics was at first, a philosophy of causation, form and matter. However, it would only make sense that something that studies the nature of being and existence, both seen an unseen, would need to include religion, dreams, psychology, astrology, positive thinking, meditation, clairvoyance, yoga, reincarnation, extra-sensory perception, spirits, auras and countless related topics. In order to properly define metaphysics, it must include these issues that fall under spiritual metaphysics.

Without spiritual metaphysics, there is no way to fully answer questions about the meaning of life, the personal significance for being born, who and what God is, why one experiences suffering, what defines reality and many of the vital questions that each and every person at some point seeks an answer for. It is easy to call upon science, religion or the abstract and get easy answers for any of life’s questions. However, if that were enough, why isn’t it?

Spiritual metaphysics is not about finding a one-size-fits-all answer for life. Spiritual metaphysics can help an individual do away with the unsatisfying custom of casting life’s experiences away to coincidence, broaden his or her perspectives and aid in remembering what has been forgotten– our connectedness.