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Healing Techniques of the Mind

There are two kinds of healings, one is physical and one is mental, and one guesses to which one is the more powerful one. Physical healing is really simple. It is the defence mechanism of the body to prevent the further spread of infection and disease. The blood will normally clot (if there is a wound internally or externally) and antibodies within the body will come in and clean up, the skin will harden (for external wounds) and healing will begin. Healing is a process that should take a few days, and the body is naturally equipped to deal with most things.

Of course serious injuries might require the help of outside doctors and surgeons, depending on the severity of the case, so you need to look at it at a case by case basis. Surprisingly enough, the body is quite relentless and resilient as a healing machine. It is naturally designed to be efficient and have the strong elements within it to rid itself of any external disease.

One thing you need to realise is that the body adapts. It is not ‘little girl’ to viruses that constantly mutate and change. The body can adapt to the introduction of a new virus and change the make-up of its antibodies and defence mechanisms to actually better fight off the virus the next time it tries to attach itself to the body. The other form of healing is mental healing, which happens when you have emotional trauma or injury, or if you are facing stress or depression. There are drugs to help you with the mental healing, although it sometimes is a matter of time.

The difference between the two is that mental healing is slow, and sometimes doesn’t happen at all if the trauma was too great or if there was great emotional scarring. But seemingly the weaker of the two, it is the mind that can evoke a faster recovery in physical healing and it is the power of the mind that can wipe out any emotional and neural injury within the psychological makeup of the human being. This is why healing techniques of the mind is the most powerful of them all, because of its universal nature. Understanding this, you might be interested to know how to gain control of the sometime flighty mind, and you need to do this with relaxation techniques, yoga and aroma therapy are really good options when you are considering how to relax the mind.

Positive affirmation and new age mental messaging are also two potent ways in which you can train the mind to heal better. Brainwave entrainment is another way to go – a method which is much more focused, results orientated and effective. Think about this, a person who is in acute depression can actually fall sick, degenerate and die. The will to not live is something so powerful that it affects the functions of the person inside. Organs stop functioning and soon they wither. This is how powerful the mind is and if you can use that for good, for healing techniques – then you can overcome anything.

Source by Gregory Frost