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Sciences of Spirituality

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You might be thinking why I used extra alphabet “s” as suffix in word “Sciences”. The only reason is that I could not find any abbreviation of whole sentence. To make more impact I put suffix. However there is no need of any suffix or prefix in Hinduism, as there already it is defined by many saints. The word is known as “ROOHANIAT“, i.e. the knowledge of “ROOH“, knowing ones self own originality of existence. Spirituality means “ADHYATMIKTAA“.

In Hindi, Science means “VIGYAAN“. If we put the word into two parts “VI” means “VIKALP” or alternative and “GYAAN” means knowledge.

Combined together it is quit clear that science is “VIKALPIK GYAAN” or “Alternative knowledge”. So, as we are going to be more materialistic we are going more addict of alternative knowledge or science rather then “ROOHANIAT” which is the true knowledge of spirit.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is that related to spirit. Spirituality is the process of being spiritual.  This is how a person talks, listens and works together with the Creator or Higher Power or God.

Spirituality is, in the most basic sense, matters related to the spirit and is based on the idea that there exists something, be it a state of mind, a being, or a place, that is outside the experience of our five limited senses. Spirituality is the personal relationship of the individual to this state of mind, being or place and often emphasizes the notion of a path, that spirituality is a goal in achieving understanding, or an improved relationship with the sacred.

Why believe in Spirit or God. Who has seen the spirit and god?

Do we not believe in Atomic orbital (for science students). But has anybody seen them. These all are theories those are from 100-200 year ago. But we do not believe on things those are part of research from many years ago. Does 100-200 year research has overlapped the research which our saints has been doing from the many ages.

It is easier to say that god and spirit doesn’t exist but it is very difficult to find clues for that. Research always takes times and this only research that every individuals have to make individually. It is not like materialistic research that if one accomplished a research other may take advantage of that. Hence, Spirituality is research that individual have to do at their own practice and effort.

In real world we can do practices In laboratories for various materialistic problems. What about the spirit. How to practice for this?

Only meditation is the way to make true practice. You should not think about what is linking between non-materialistic and materialistic world. Because these are the things that cannot be understand in this materialistic world.

Why something related to spirituality can not be felt (for normal individual) in this materialistic world?

Think about cartoon character that is living in two dimensional world only. His livelihood is only limited to this world. Does he is capable of thinking three dimension world or more. This would be very difficult for him. But we know, there exist more one dimension then in which cartoon character live. Now go more precise and think about only one dimensional world for same case. Some may argue that there are no possibilities of organism in lower dimension. But this is merely an example. This doesn’t put you in a new research of organism for lower dimension or higher dimension then the dimension we are living. But as true, we cannot ignore one or two or three dimensions irrespective of living organism. May there be no organism in those dimensions but if possible then to be called something different. This is only boundary of thinking to our mind. This boundary is due to fact that our brain is also limited to three dimension.

How spirituality is it different than religion?

We all have some sort of vision in mind when we talk about spirituality, but try to define it exactly, and several challenges arise. First, is spirituality a part of religion or distinct from it? Is it possible to be spiritual without being religious? Conversely, is it possible to be religious without being spiritual?

Spirituality can be either a part of a particular religion or independent of religion, in a self directed and personal inner path. As part of a larger religious journey, spirituality is usually descript and predictable, relating to one’s personal relationship to god or the divine goal. For a Christian, for example, spirituality involves developing a personal relationship and experience with Jesus Christ, likely through prayer, meditation or through selected activities (such as reading the Bible) in opposition to material gains and experiences. For the unaffiliated seeker, spirituality may be adapted and modeled after the sacred practices of a number of different religions or none at all. In either case spiritual matters are contrasted to the world of the senses and the needs of the human corporeal body and often involve an effort to reject, limit or transcend these senses and needs.

Wherever you are in your personal journey, both religion and spirituality can play an important role in moving towards your own resolution of humanity’s shared existential problems.

What we need to do doing meditation?
One important thing while meditation is too keep your self concentrate on a point at tenth door of your fore-head (between eyes and little below your forehead) but not forcibly by continuously reciting words given by some true GURU (you need to find him your self) of present age. Your soul will began to shrink to this point with regular practice. This is way you will continue and you are able to see the God. Your aim should be the God not his blessing. you should love God not his blessing. Also you have to avoid- Liquor (Wine, Bear, and Drugs etc), Meat (animal flesh, fish etc), and eggs and avoid seeing all human with wrong intention. You need to love every one with good intention. This is the way you will continue and you are able to see the god. Also you have to serve around which is really in need. You should be polite to every one and never to be ego that you worship God and help its creature. In fact, there are many things you need to consider. The way to God is not easy but once to start walking on it, your life wills a lot of pleasure, calm contempt and all you can’t imagine. These are things that no one even millionaire may get doing any materialistic thing in this world. It doesn’t mean that millionaire can’t see the God. All depends upon you life style. You may live with you family doing you job or business and earning money (in good way) to lively hood of you family. All you need to do is to be simple and social and helping your around with good intention without any self motive. All this things are written in religious books of all religion around the world. I m telling only common things of all religion. In fact religion is not worship, in way we start worshiping the god become religion. But God can not be cut into different religion. Religion is nothing to god. Only important for god is your clear open mind and confession. The confession is way to reach the god. However you need not to show any penitence. The confession should be in the heart not out of heart because god lives in Heart that is in this body. You need not to go anywhere if you are not able to see the god from your own inside.

Source by Dinesh gill