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Spiritual and Faith Healing, Energy Work

Spiritual/Faith Healings & Light Energy Work —–work with your body’s natural defense system. It works with your immune system, it works with your faith, your belief in God and it works with you—WITH YOU–not for you. Some people seem to be under the impression that with one amazing healing, they can go without proper rest, they can forgo a good diet, they do not have to exercise, they do not have to pray or utilize their faith in any way, shape or form. They do not want to remove or minimize negative people in their lives. People and situations that have proven to be of detrimental effect on them. A lot of people seeking spiritual healing simply want the problem removed with no participation at all on their level. That is not going to work. Without you, our healings will only work for a while. It may be a long, long while.

However, unless you practice your belief and take care of yourself, you will simply fall back into the state of mind or being that led you to obtain the healing in the first place. That goes for physical as well as emotional healings. Support us as we support you. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Work on keeping your thoughts and what you say POSITIVE. And being judgmental of others will only bring you difficulty as the scripture does teach us that to judge not lest we be judged by the same measure. Keep learning and growing. Even someone going over lessons you have already learned can be great reminders when we are going through tough times. No of us knows everything. Keep your spiritual balance with good spiritual teaching and read the scriptures and inspirational books, and other literature. Reminder:

The goal is to walk closer to God, to experience Him on all levels and to know that you are His child and He is your Mother-Father. The goal is an unshakable faith. “I shall not be moved.” Pray for people who are difficult for you to be around or to interact with. Praise God and show gratitude. No matter what is happening to you, I guarantee you there is another person or people out there who have it worse. And there but for the Grace of God go you. Healings are a supplement to your faith, your belief in God. Faith without works is dead scripture tells us. You bring the faith and we will help you put into action, the WORKS. That is what our energy program is: The Works that is brought into form from your faith. Nothing starts physically without starting spiritually first. It starts spiritually first–that is your faith–then we bring into the physical manifestation of what you need from our faith linked with yours.

From Our faith to Yours, God bless you, Walk in Love, Gloria

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When you pass through the waters, He will be with you. When you walk through fire, you will not be consumed. (from Isaiah 43)

May you be kept in perfect peace

Source by Etta Hamilton