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What is motivation and concepts of motivation?

“Motivation starts with you so get motivated! Believe in Yourself and Believe in Others!”

What is motivation?

One of the most important factors that lead goals to the drive is Motivation. It is the goal oriented behaviors. Motivation can be attained with one self as well as by others. It is of various types. Getting a bonus or appraisal is also a motivation for an employee or the complements for good work is also a motivation to work hard. Motivation inspires one self from inner as well as from the external factors.

According to one of the universally accepted definitions of motivation, it is an internal condition that influences one’s behavior by giving it direction. Motivations is also been defined as a wish or want which directs and energizes behavior that is oriented to achieve a goal.

Concepts of motivation

There are two concepts of motivation one is intrinsic and other is extrinsic.

Intrinsic motivation is the motivation that is determined by an interest or enjoyment in the work itself, and it develops within the person rather than relying on someone else. According to the research intrinsic motivation is usually associated with high educational achievement and enjoyment by students.

Students are generally intrinsically motivated if they:

  • Trait their educational results to internal factors that they can control
  • Believe that they achieved what they desire and worked for they are interested in mastering a topic rather than just learning to achieve good grades.

Extrinsic motivation are from the external factors like rewards like money, bonus, coercion and threat of punishment etc. competition platys a very vital role in this concept as due to competition and ability to win a performer work more hard and thus get motivated. People cheering on the person and trophies or certificates are also extrinsic incentives.

Both concepts of motivation play a significant role in motivating a person.

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